Chapter 179

When Christopher heard his words, he thought that Jacob was deliberately trying to mock him. Therefore, he could only glare at him as he said in a furious tone, “Jacob, enough is enough! Why are you saying all this? I know that you are going to move into the villa at Thompson First. Are you trying to show off now?” Jacob was stunned at this time. “Huh? I am going to live in a villa at Thompson First? What are you talking about, Elder Brother?” Elaine was also very confused at this time. “Brother, is there a mistake here? Are you sure there’s no misunderstanding on this matter?” At this time, Christopher pointed his finger at Charlie before he said with a dissatisfied expression on his face. “Your son-in-law is the owner of the biggest villa in Thompson First! You can ask him all about it!” Elaine and Jacob were dumbfounded at this time. After that, they stare at Charlie in astonishment before they asked in disbelief, “Charlie, is what your uncle said true? Are you really the owner

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