Chapter 1641

Hannah was filled with resentment toward Lady Wilson as she followed the Wilson family into the dining room. Lady Wilson directly sat at the main seat at the dining table. When she glanced at the food that Hannah had cooked, she was very dissatisfied and frowned as she said, “Why did you prepare all these home-cooked dishes? Why aren’t there any dishes with a lot of meat? Don’t you know that I’m already old and would need to replenish and build up my body?” Hannah was a little aggrieved as she said, “Mom, you can’t blame me for this. You’re holding onto all of the family’s money, so I only have a few hundred dollars on hand. How can I possibly afford to buy a lot of fish and meat then?” Lady Wilson snorted coldly and said, “You’re always full of excuses. Can’t you even buy a chicken if you have a few hundred dollars? One free range chicken costs less than a hundred dollars. Can’t you even afford that?” Hannah felt very angry and she said, “Mom, there are five of us eating in this f

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