Chapter 1640

At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open. Christopher accompanied the old lady as they walked into the villa first. Harold and Wendy followed behind them. The old lady was wearing an elegant mink coat. Her face was radiant, glowing in good health and she looked extremely happy. Ever since Wilson Group was revived, Lady Wilson had been in high spirits every day and her face glowed with radiance, as if she had just eaten a damn Rejuvenating Pill. As soon as she entered the villa, Lady Wilson opened her mouth and said, “Oh! Although the Webb family is not doing that well anymore, a rich family who had become less richer than they previously were, is still richer compared to a poor family. With this project that they had given to us, we should be able to make a profit of at least twenty million dollars within the next year. This is simply too great!” Christopher, who was standing aside, laughed as he said, “Mom, this is all because you had great foresight! If you had not been

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