Chapter 1642

“What face and recognition…” Wendy became anxious and she choked as she said, “No matter what it is, I’m still the public relations director of Wilson Group. It would be really embarrassing if someone were to discover and expose the fact that I’m carrying a fake Hermes bag when I go out!” Lady Wilson sneered and said, “What do you know? At a time like this, if you have a noble and prestigious status, others would think that it is an authentic product even if you are simply carrying a fake bag. However, if you have a humble and lowly status, others would still say that you’re carrying a fake bag even if you’re actually carrying a genuine bag. Since Wilson Group has had a fresh start and has already made a comeback, then to the outsiders, you naturally have a very high worth and status as the public relations director of Wilson Group. Even if you carry a fake bag, no one will think that it is fake!” Wendy was very depressed and she said, “Grandma, even if you refuse to give me one hund

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