Chapter 1611

Loreen had originally felt that Charlie’s rhetorical explanation could barely make the cut. However, there were still certain things that made her feel that something was not right at all. Nevertheless, Charlie’s self-deprecation instantly swept away all the remaining doubts that Loreen had in her heart. She thought of the time when Charlie was despised and looked down upon by everyone else when they were still in university. Even some of their classmates who came from the same background as him had also bullied him wantonly. Charlie had never held it against anyone, let alone bother to argue or fight back against anyone else at all. He acted as though everything had nothing to do with him at all. Based on Charlie’s character, it was definitely impossible for Charlie to tell people about the fact that he knew Quinn personally. Moreover, even if he were to tell people about it, no one would have believed him anyway. As she thought about this, Loreen was suddenly filled with admira

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