Chapter 1610

In fact, Loreen was also a big fan of Quinn, just like Claire. If Charlie was not here, she would have already rushed over to take a picture with Quinn. So, Loreen could not help but ask tentatively, “Charlie, how did you get to know Miss Golding?” Charlie had not figured out how to answer Loreen’s question yet. If he said that Quinn was just one of his Feng Shui customers, it would clearly be unreasonable, and it would not make sense for Charlie to come and ice skate at Herrolls Bay hand-in-hand with Quinn. However, if he said that he had already known Quinn since they were young, he would have to reveal his own identity. After all, in Loreen’s eyes, he was just an orphan who had been living in the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute all this time. How could an orphan like him, who had been living in Aurous Hill all this while, actually know the eldest young lady of the Golding family from Eastcliff? This was completely unreasonable and did not make any sense at all. So, Charlie felt

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