Chapter 1609

The reason why Quinn took off her mask was because the woman in front of her was Charlie’s university friend. She felt that she should have the basic courtesy and respect in front of Charlie’s university friend no matter whether she positioned herself as Charlie’s friend or fiancée for the past twenty years. Therefore, she decided to take off her face mask. However, this move scared Loreen to the point that she was so shocked and could not even move at all! She stared at Quinn’s beautiful and familiar face, and she was so shocked that she was at a loss for words. The woman standing in front of her was truly the hottest and most popular female celebrity in Oskia, Quinn Golding! Quinn was the superstar who had not only conquered the national audience, but she had also conquered Hollywood! Moreover, most people did not know about Quinn’s true identity. They did not know that she was actually the daughter of the chairman of the Golding Group. However, since Loreen was also the eldes

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