Chapter 1612

When Charlie saw that Loreen already believed his words, he said, “Loreen, it’s already getting late. We will leave first. I will see you at the airport tomorrow.” Loreen nodded slightly. At this time, she suddenly recalled something, and she hurriedly said, “By the way, Charlie, you’ve saved me once again!” Charlie smiled as he said, “The person that I saved was not you. I saved the young girl. If she really crashed into you just now, you would not have suffered any serious injuries. However, the situation would have been very dangerous for the young girl.” Loreen pouted as she stubbornly said, “No matter what it is, I still have to thank you!” Charlie smiled helplessly as he said, “Okay, we will leave first. I will not be so polite to you anymore. Remember not to tell Claire about this matter first.” Loreen nodded as she said, “Okay. Don’t worry. I will not breathe a word about this matter to anyone else. It is indeed getting late. Both of us will also leave now.” Loreen and he

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