Chapter 1588

As he slapped him repeatedly across his face, he started cursing in resentment, “Dylan Koch! D*mn it! You must be tired of living! You actually dare to scold Mr. Wade? Just you wait and see how I’m going to beat your broken and filthy mouth today!” Dylan’s face was immediately filled with blood and his cheeks were swollen at this time. His eyes were filled with shock and horror but he could not say anything at all. At this time, a middle-aged woman was applying some hand cream on her hands after coming out of the washroom next to the living room. She could not help but exclaimed out loud when she saw Dylan getting beaten up. So, she ran over here as she cursed out loud, “Who is this b*stard? How dare you hit my son?!” The woman who was speaking was none other than Sylvia, who was Dylan’s mother and Loreen’s aunt. Sylvia really loved her son. When she saw her son getting beaten up, she hurriedly rushed forward to fight it out with Wrigley. Wrigley was filled with resentment in his

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