Chapter 1587

When Dylan heard Wrigley cursing, he was instantly very happy. If Wrigley was also dissatisfied with Charlie, then Charlie would certainly be done for this time! When the time came, Dylan would not only force Charlie to swallow the entire painting, but he would also force Charlie to kneel in front of him and call him his grandpa! So, Dylan pointed at Charlie before he blurted out, “Mr. Wrigley, this is the fool that I was talking about!” Wrigley’s gaze had been fully focused on Loreen throughout the entire time he was here. Coupled with the fact that the members of the Thomas family were flattering him and surrounding him, he did not see Charlie who was standing not too far away. At this time, he looked towards the direction that Dylan was pointing at. When he saw Charlie, he was instantly shocked and frightened stiff! “Char… Charlie?! Why is he here?” When he thought about how Charlie could easily defeat Warlord and Realm Master... and how Charlie could make four men in his fam

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