Chapter 1586

As he spoke, the old man suddenly called Loreen over and said, “Come here, Loreen! Come and get to know Mr. Wrigley!” Loreen’s grandfather, uncle, and father surprisingly had unanimous views about Loreen’s marriage. They all felt that Loreen should be marrying a young master from a top and prestigious family so that she could bring glory to the Thomas family. This was also why they arranged for Loreen to work for the Emgrand Group in Aurous Hill. However, even though Loreen left for Aurous Hill for such a long time, she had not even caught a glimpse of the chairman of Emgrand Group yet. So, they were gradually starting to lose patience over this matter. Now that they saw Wrigley standing in front of them, all of them had the same idea. They were all hoping that Loreen could end up together with Wrigley. If that was the case, the Thomas family would be able to soar and lift its rank just like that. As soon as Wrigley saw Loreen, he could only stare directly at Loreen in shock. Al

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