Chapter 1585

“F*ck you!” Dylan yelled coldly, “You are already facing your imminent death, but you are still refusing to admit your own mistakes at a time like this. Just admit that you are lying! You even dare to bring Mr. Golding from the Golding Group into this matter. If Mr. Golding blames us for this matter, will you f*cking be able to afford it?” Charlie smiled before he said, “If you don’t believe me, then you can just give Mr. Golding a call and ask him if he was the one who personally gave this painting to me then.” “Pfft!” Dylan curled his lips and continued, “Even though I am the young master of the Koch family, I do not have the right to contact Mr. Golding directly. Are you being so pretentious and showing off now simply because you know that I have no way to contact Mr. Golding to confirm the authenticity of the painting?” Charlie did not express his opinion, but he simply said, “There is no point arguing and bragging about this matter without doing anything at all. I think that i

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