Chapter 1589

Dylan really felt like dying at this time. He really could not understand what kind of ability Charlie had that he could even make the young master of the Golding family be so polite and respectful to him! Even if he really were a Feng Shui master, it would still simply be impossible for Wrigley to give him so much face like that, right? However, he did not dare to ask this question. After all, looking at the situation now, it was obvious that Wrigley was really very respectful towards Charlie. At this time, Jeryl who was standing aside had already come to a realization that Wrigley was not their most distinguished guest today. In fact, this young lad with the last name Wade was their most distinguished guest! So, he hurriedly told Dylan, “Dylan! Why don’t you hurry up and apologize to Mr. Wade now?” Dylan really did not expect that his uncle would also yell at him to get him to apologize to Charlie. It was clear that even his own family members were not on his side this time.

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