Chapter 1569

The security at the Wade ancestral grave had always been extremely tight. According to the Wade family’s regulations, aside from immediate family members of the Wade family, any other relatives who wanted to come to the Wade ancestral grave to come and pay their respects here would have to get the Wade’s family permission. Therefore, the requirements for the outsiders were even more stringent. Only family members or individuals with deep ties to the Wade family would be allowed to enter the ancestral grave. Since Yule and Curtis were like brothers when Curtis was still alive, the Wade family would always give the family of three permission to enter the ancestral grave. However, Yule’s entourage or men would not have any qualifications to approach or enter the Wade family ancestral grave at all. It was just two simple words. Not worthy. The Wade family members were buried here. Any one of them would have been a great and reputable figure amongst any ordinary man. How could any ra

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