Chapter 1570

He had already been separated from his parents for eighteen years! Charlie was also feeling very anxious at this time. In fact, he had not felt this kind of panic and eagerness for a very long time ever since he had obtained the . His parents were buried in one of the magnificent mausoleums which were not too far away from him. As soon as he walked up these one hundred steps, he would finally be able to pay his respects to his parents, and he would finally be able to fulfill the biggest dream he had had in the past eighteen years of his life. However, if these people refused to let him go up the steps, he could not possibly rush up there, right? Or, should he simply reveal his identity to the Wade family? If that were the case, he would be able to pay his respects to his parents today, but after that, there would be abundant trouble and catastrophe awaiting him. Just then, a loud and clear voice suddenly sounded, “Let him go up!” Everyone turned around to look

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