Chapter 1568

No matter whether it was an ordinary family car or a luxury car, if the engine speed was below 2,500 rpm, it would not make much sound. However, if the speed of the car was increased to three or four thousand rpm or even four to five thousand rpm, the engine noise would immediately be increased several times. Therefore, as a driver, you would have to be gentle when stepping on the accelerator. At this time, the bodyguards had already driven the other vehicles into the parking lot next to the gate. There were only two black Rolls Royce left in front of the gate at this time. The car in front was driven by Charlie, and the one in the back was driven by another driver working for the Golding family. The electric gate opened on both sides as the security personnel made a gesture of inviting them in. Charlie stepped on the accelerator lightly as he drove slowly through the gate into the building. As Charlie drove the car up the winding road of Mount Wintry, he felt even more and more a

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