Chapter 1531

At this moment, in the top ward of Golding Group Hospital, the second and third brothers of the Yule family, Adrian and Rogan, had received the first stage of treatment after taking the CT on the affected area.    The CT showed that Adrian’s wrist was broken, while Rogan’s bladder was damaged. Although those were not life-threatening, they need to be treated for a while.    This was all thanks to Charlie.   Golding Group Hospital was a top private hospital that the Golding family had invested in.    Although the overall ability was not as good as top tier hospitals like Fairview, it was definitely a leader among the private hospitals.    All the top families in Eastcliff had their own private hospitals.    Although these hospitals on paper were open to the public, in most circumstances, they did not accept outside patients.    Basically, they were exclusively for internal family use only. Now, besides Adrian and Rogan, people who were chased out from Yule’s home by

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