Chapter 1530

From the looks of Charlie’s parents, they were certainly different from ordinary people.    Charlie’s father was very handsome, while Charlie’s mother was very elegant. Her features were exceptionally beautiful and Rachel was no match for her. No matter which era, she would be the only one with very outstanding features. It was a pity that Eastcliff’s talented and capable pair had already long gone. The only things left were mottled images and surviving memories.   At that time, Yule had not married yet. Thus, during the wedding ceremony, he stood alone beside Charlie’s father and took a photo with Charlie’s parents.    Then, it was the wedding photo of Yule and Rachel.    Charlie’s parents were there to congratulate him.    Thus, the four of them took a group photo.    Next, Charlie was born. The four people in the photo became five. He was swaddled and carried by his mum.    Afterward, Quinn was born.    As a result, it became six people in the photo.    From

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