Chapter 1532

Nevertheless, shouldn’t the master who retired from the world follow certain basic rules? So, how in the world did someone lose their power just by being pinched on the neck? It was like touching someone in the face and turning them impotent. This defied logic! The two families were saddened and were looking for an opportunity to teach the eldest brother’s son a lesson, but they don’t know his name and have no idea what his background was. The most important fact was that both the warlord and the realm master couldn’t even defeat him. Who else can they ask for help to get rid of this person? Adrian was depressed because he had lost not only a warlord and a realm master but Charlie had also broken his arm. This can be said to be a heavy loss on his side. Adrian had never once felt so helpless. Now, he just wanted to murder Charlie’s entire family. Unfortunately, he had no idea how he could exact his revenge. Rogan was clutching his aching bladder as he saw his second brother fran

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