Chapter 1493

To Charlie, whether he was using the identity of Master Wade or the young master of the Wade family, he did not take that kind of small fry like Dylan seriously at all. Although the Koch family was also a big and powerful family in Eastcliff, their comprehensive strength was actually not that great. The entire Koch family might not be able to escape Charlie’s eyes, let alone someone like Dylan. Isaac naturally knew of Charlie’s strength and capabilities. This was someone who had killed The Big Eight sent by the Webb family in just one move! The Koch family could definitely not be considered as Charlie’s opponent at all. However, Isaac knew what kind of place Eastcliff was. It was not a simple place, but one that was very complicated instead. In fact, there might be a lot of hidden dangers even in the seemingly calm and peaceful place. Anything could happen and any form of danger could suddenly pop out just like that. Moreover, Charlie was heading to Eastcliff alone this time. Is

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