Chapter 1494

Claire felt very moved by Charlie’s faint words. She could not help but walk over to Charlie as she nestled gently in his arms. She looked up at the stars in the sky as she said happily, “It will be the fourth year of our marriage after the New Year.” “That’s right.” Charlie could not help but sighed as he said, “It has already been four years. Time really flies by.” “Is it fast?” Claire replied earnestly, “I don’t think that time flew by at all. Over the past four years, too many things have already happened. Too many changes have really taken place, especially in you.” Charlie touched his nose as he said, “What? Have I changed?” Claire nodded as she said, “Of course you’ve changed! Whether it’s the feeling that you give others, your aura, or your temperament, it seems as though you’ve undergone a huge change from the day we first got married.” As she spoke, Claire murmured softly, “However, it’s actually very strange. It seems as though you’ve undergone a really big change but

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