Chapter 1492

On the way back, Charlie received a push notification on his phone. This notification was a piece of news with the headlines ‘Japanese talented female combat and fighting athlete, Ito Nanako, is out of danger. Doctors said that she might have to bid farewell to the ring in the future!’ As soon as he saw the headlines, Charlie hurriedly clicked into the post to read the contents of the report. It turned out that after Nanako returned to Japan, she immediately received emergency treatment at the best hospital in Tokyo. Furthermore, she had been seriously injured at that time. In fact, her internal organs were all critically injured and damaged at that time and she had been in a critical life-threatening condition. After several hours of emergency treatment, she was finally out of danger. However, despite already being out of danger, the physical condition of her body was still not optimistic. The media quoted what the top doctors in Tokyo had said and it seemed as though Nanako had

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