Chapter 1482

At this time, Jiro was holding a sachet of the Apothecary Stomach Pill in his hand. Ever since he had taken a sachet of the Apothecary Stomach Pill after experiencing some stomach discomfort last night, he had not felt any more discomfort or pain in his stomach. This was sufficient to prove that the Apothecary Stomach Pill was indeed way more efficacious than the Kobayashi Stomach Pill. What made Jiro feel even more terrified was the fact that he had only taken the Apothecary Stomach Pill once. However, when he felt some discomfort in his stomach just now, he subconsciously reached out and took a sachet of the Apothecary Stomach Pill instead of his own Kobayashi Stomach Pill. After all, he had only come up with the Kobayashi Stomach Pill after going through a large number of Oskian classical medical books before choosing this prescription from a large number of prescriptions. Therefore, he had always felt a sense of accomplishment because of the Kobayashi Stomach Pill and he treate

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