Chapter 1483

As Jiro thought that he had already set up a huge and inescapable ambush for Liam, Charlie had also set up a firm trap for Jiro. At this time, at this moment, at this place, Jiro thought that the dozen or so masters that he had brought over from Japan would certainly be able to capture and subdue Liam. However, he really did not expect that there would be about fifty people on both sides of this intersection who had already surrounded them completely. At this time, the bus that Charlie was in was less than three kilometres away. The Apothecary Pharmaceutical, where Liam was currently at, was also about three kilometres away. Therefore, Liam also left The Apothecary Pharmaceutical at this time. He got into his car and he used the highway to leave work as usual. When Jiro’s informer reported to him and told him that Liam had already set off from the Apothecary Pharmaceutical and that he was driving all alone, Jiro felt extremely excited! About ten minutes later, Jiro’s Mercedes-

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