Chapter 1481

After Charlie stepped out of the entrance of the villa community at Thompson First, the automatic door of the bus slowly opened. Isaac hurriedly stepped out of the bus as he said respectfully to Charlie, “Young Master, we’re ready. We’re just waiting for you.” Charlie nodded slightly before he got into the bus. After getting into the bus, Charlie saw that the bus was filled with more than forty strong young men. All of them look extremely determined, strong, and muscular. As soon as these people saw Charlie, they stood up one after the other as they bowed down and said, “Hello, Young Master!” Isaac immediately replied, “Young Master, these are the men that I’ve cultivated and trained for many years. They are all my own men so you can rest assured!” Charlie nodded in satisfaction before he said to everyone, “Please sit down. I hope that everyone will perform their best for tonight’s matter. You’re only allowed to succeed and failure is not accepted!” Everyone shouted in unison, “D

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