Chapter 1480

At this time, Charlie came out to stop the fight. “Dad, Mom, both of you shouldn’t be arguing with one another all the time. After all, no matter what it is, we’re still a family after all. Don’t be so unpleasant and hostile towards one another.” Elaine said to Jacob, “I won’t deal with you today because I’m showing my good son-in-law some respect!” After dinner, Jacob was watching television in the living room while Elaine was cleaning up in the kitchen. At this time, Claire told Charlie, “Husband, I’m feeling a little tired today. I’ll go take a shower first to relieve some of my fatigue.” Charlie nodded before he said, “Wife, fill up the bathtub with water. After that, put some bath salts in the tub so that you can soak in the bathtub and have a good bath.” “Okay, then I will go upstairs first.” As soon as Claire went upstairs, Isaac called Charlie and said, “Young Master, the dozen or so masters that Jiro had summoned from Japan have already set off.” “Oh?” Charlie hurriedly

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