Chapter 1479

Claire did not question Charlie’s remarks at all. In her impression, Charlie had gradually gotten to know many big and powerful figures in Aurous Hill because of his Feng Shui skills. To be honest, Charlie had really helped the family out a lot because of his Feng Shui skills. Otherwise, it would be completely impossible for their family to live in such a good villa and lead such a superior and luxurious life. Before this, Claire was initially worried that Charlie would get into trouble one day if he continued fooling people with his Feng Shui skills. However, as time passed, Claire discovered that none of the big or powerful people that Charlie had gotten to know through his Feng Shui skills had turned against him at all. This proved that Charlie’s ability to look at Feng Shui was probably real. So, she did not have to worry too much anymore. Therefore, Claire reminded him softly, “Eastcliff isn’t like Aurous Hill. There are many powerful and concealed talents in Eastcliff. Whe

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