Chapter 1429

Aurora’s voice pierced the air, shocking Victoria! She had seen the match between Aurora and Joanna, and she knew that Aurora had explosive power. With this kick, she was afraid would fly directly out of the arena, just like Joanna had. As a result, she quickly withdrew her right leg in a single step. Her left and right leg formed a triangle on the surface of the ground, and this would further strengthen the stability of her lower body. Next, she put both her arms in front of her, preparing to block Aurora’s kick with a blocking motion. Alas, she was not Joanna, and she did not have the slightest idea as to how strong Aurora’s kick was! She only felt her arms being hit by a tremendous force. The next thing she knew, she heard two crisp fracture sounds—both her arms had been broken by a single kick from Aurora! This was quickly followed by intense pain. She could not withstand that powerful force. Like Joanna in the previous match, she immediately rose high into the air! A huge excl

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