Chapter 1428

At that moment, the four players approached the two arenas respectively. One arena was on the left, and the other, on the right. Each arena was surrounded by spectators. Today, there were no empty seats. Before the match began, there were endless sounds of applause, whistling, and cheering. Charlie stood under the arena behind Aurora. This was also the spot for the Sanda coaches in the competition. The opponent’s coach looked at him nervously at that moment. He also looked at Aurora, who was in the area, from time to time. He had his towel ready in his hand. Once his apprentice could not support herself onstage, he would throw his towel in at the quickest time possible to admit defeat. In the arena, Aurora looked at her opponent, Victoria, with a callous expression. Before Charlie had helped Aurora to improve her body physique, she was indeed no match for Victoria. After all, this Australian girl was tall, and her body function was much better than Aurora. But now, Aurora was very c

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