Chapter 1427

Nanako felt very mournful in her heart. After knowing that she had a limited outlook, all she wanted was to jump out of it. Unfortunately, Charlie would not give her this opportunity. Seeing her loss of expression, Kazuki hurriedly comforted her and spoke, “Nanako, now is not the time to think about this. You should win this game first. After that, we can consider the rest!” Nanako nodded heavily. Swiftly, she told Kazuki, “Master, I will enter the arena.” “Go on!” Kazuki encouraged her as he said, “You must give your best in this match no matter whether Charlie accepts you as his apprentice or not. You must let him see your ability! Therefore, in this match, try all you can to win as beautifully as possible!” “As beautifully as possible?” “Correct!” Kazuki affirmed. He continued, “Nanako, after Aurora defeated Joanna the last time, she became famous on the internet. I hope you will go to all lengths when you fight to unleash a killer move to defeat your opponent!” Nanako exclaimed, “

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