Chapter 1430

Charlie looked on from a distance. He could not help but feel surprised. He never thought that Nanako could be beaten by the American girl. Nanako seemed very passive and would not fight back. Furthermore, her beautiful face was also bruised and bleeding due to repeated hits, especially the corner of her right eye, which appeared cracked. Looking at her made one feel anxious. He could not resist coming over to the side of the arena. He carefully observed Nanako and noticed that even though Nanako was injured and very passive in the situation, both her eyes stared at the opponent’s every move intensely. He could not understand. Since Nanako was observing her opponent, why didn’t she fight back? What was she waiting for? At this moment, Nanako saw Charlie. Besides feeling amazed, she was also surprised. This was because she could see a bit of distress in Charlie’s eyes. She asked herself in her heart, ‘The distress in Charlie’s eyes, is it because of me? Is he caring for me?’ The ne

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