Chapter 1413

Charlie’s words made Nanako realize that she had never been a qualified martial artist. She had won a world championship, and she had been crowned as one of the top young martial artists in the world, yet, she didn’t understand the basic principle of martial arts and the soul within it. Seeing her crying profusely and her body trembling, Charlie couldn’t help but sigh and said, “I’m sorry, I was too harsh with my words just now, but I was hoping that you would understand what the true soul of martial arts is!” Nanako raised her head, her big red eyes staring at Charlie. Then, she bent her legs and knelt on the floor as she said in a sobbing voice, “Please enlighten me, Mr. Wade. I’m ready to listen to your guidance!” Instead of offering his hand to help her up, Charlie said with a serious expression, “The soul of the martial art is not the physical strength, but the strength of the heart!” “If you are strong from within, you will still live up to the spirit of martial arts even if

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