Chapter 1414

Nanako hurriedly put her hands on the floor, bowed her head, and said, “Mr. Wade, I apologize to you and the Oskian people on behalf of all the Japanese who have hurt the Oskian people. I’m sorry! I will do my best to pay off Japan’s debt for the rest of my life!” Charlie waved his hand. “Never mind. This debt may never be settled, but I’m grateful for your effort.” Then, he reached out to help Nanako up to her feet and said, “You still have two upcoming matches, hurry back and prepare well. I, as Aurora’s coach, am looking forward to seeing the two of you meet in the finals. So, in the next semifinals match, you must perform well. Succeed to the finals to meet Aurora there.” Nanako said unwaveringly, “Please rest assured, Mr. Wade. I will do my best and meet Aurora in the finals!” “Good.” Charlie nodded. “See you in the final, then.” With that, Charlie got back into his BMW and drove it into his Thompson First villa. As the car sped off, Nanako locked her gaze on the car for a l

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