Chapter 1412

Nanako frowned and said, “Mr. Wade, please clarify your statement!” Charlie uttered, “First of all, if you walk on the path of the world of martial arts, you should first cultivate your mind, your body, and then the arts.” “In other words, the importance of the mind in pursuing this journey is greater than the physical strength and the type of martial arts.” “It doesn’t matter whether you practice combat, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, Wing Chun, or Tai Chi. This is not important. What matters is your heart!” Nanako asked, puzzled, “My heart? What’s wrong with my heart?” Charlie snorted and chided in a condescending tone, “Your heart is full of petty benevolence. It is filled with artifice; it is narrow-minded; it does not admit defeat; most importantly, it lacks wolfishness!” “Wolfish?!” Nanako’s face twisted into a tightened grimace as she exclaimed, “What do you mean? What is wolfishness?” Charlie uttered, “The so-called wolfishness is a wolf nature. It describes the toughnes

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