Chapter 1411

It was true that Charlie was very disgusted with Yamamoto Kazuki, but to be fair, he had a good impression of Nanako. Although Nanako had been practicing martial arts for many years, she was a very gentle woman to the core and could be considered a sensible girl which was very rare in the martial art circle. Upon hearing that, Anthony immediately said, “Okay, Master Wade, I understand. Don’t worry, if she comes over again, I’ll do my due diligence in hospitality.” “Good, that would be wise,” Charlie replied. “Okay, Mr. Simmons, I’m almost home, talk to you later.” “Okay, Master Wade.” After ending Anthony’s call, Charlie drove the car into the villa area of Thompson First. He gradually slowed down as he was about to arrive at his house when suddenly, a shadow flashed out from one side and blocked his car. Charlie hurriedly stepped on the brakes to stop the car. He looked up to find the person blocking the front of his car was none other than Nanako! He was puzzled. ‘What is th

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