Chapter 1391

As he thought about the past, Stephen could not help but cry so much that he was choking, and there was no sound coming out from him anymore. Charlie felt his heart throbbing when he heard Stephen sobbing. Although many years had already passed, Charlie still felt extreme pain and resentment deep in his heart when he thought about the fact that his parents did not die in an accident, but had been murdered instead! As a son, his parents’ blood feud was absolutely irreconcilable to him. He would definitely do his best to avenge his parents’ blood feud even without Stephen saying it! Otherwise, he would not be worthy of being their son! So, Charlie replied indifferently, “Mr. Thompson, you don’t have to worry about this. I swear to God that I, Charlie Wade, will surely avenge my parents’ death with my own hands! I will deal with every single person who participated in my parents’ murder, and I will not let a single one of them go!” “That’s great!” Stephen was very excited, but he s

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