Chapter 1390

”However, I was afraid that there would be someone in the Wade family who would try to harm you. After all, Lord Wade is already old. If he were to bring you back to the Wade family and expose you to the other members of the Wade family, he might not be able to protect you comprehensively. Thus, I decided on my own to settle you down in Aurous Hill before I proceeded to completely conceal and hide your identity and information from everyone else. I also did not let Yule from the Golding family know about your whereabouts when he came looking for you back then.” Charlie asked again, “Why did you come and find me to ask me to go back to the Wade family some time ago, then?” Stephen replied earnestly, “Young Master, to tell you the truth, Lord Wade’s health has been getting worse and worse over the past two years. However, he is very dissatisfied with the current situation and status quo of the current heirs of the Wade family. Therefore, he is very unwilling to hand over the Wade famil

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