Chapter 1392

After seeing that Stephen had already ended the call, the dean asked respectfully, “Mr. Thompson, what should we do now?” Stephen sighed before he said, “Since the young master already knows about this, you do not need to continue staying at the orphanage anymore. In the future, I will arrange for you to return and assume a post in the Wade family. Thank you for your hard work over the years!” The dean immediately bowed and said, “Mr. Thompson, the second master was very kind and gracious toward me when he was still alive. I will continue to serve the young master, Charlie, until the day I die!” Stephen nodded before he said, “You are all elites who have been personally trained and raised by the second master. It must not only have been very tedious and tiring, but all of you have also suffered a lot of injustice to be condensed and placed in such a small orphanage for more than ten years now. You should also take this opportunity to take a good rest during this time.” “When the yo

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