Chapter 1344

This made Quinn feel very curious. She knew that the Kobayashi Stomach Pill, which had good effects, good sales, and a good reputation, was actually developed based on ancient Oskian prescriptions. To put it bluntly, they were simply plagiarizing the medical achievements of their Oskian ancestors. However, she also had to admit that the Kobayashi Stomach Pill was indeed much more effective than the other same type of proprietary Oskian medicine that was produced by many domestic pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, she also did not know as to whether the effect of the Apothecary Stomach Pill could actually be compared to the Kobayashi Stomach Pill. However, she really liked the name of the Apothecary Stomach Pill. So, Quinn asked her agent, “Did they give us some samples?” “Yes.” Her agent hurriedly took out a sachet of the Apothecary Stomach Pill from the courier envelope in her hand before she handed it over to Quinn. Quinn was stunned and she blurted out, “What the hell? They

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