Chapter 1345

Quinn opened the sachet of Apothecary Stomach Pill, which contained only 1.3 grams of powder. As soon as she tore the sachet open, she could smell a very strong scent of medicine. Although similar medications such as the Kobayashi Stomach Pill and the Ottasan Stomach Pill also had relatively strong medicinal aromas, Quinn felt that the scent of the other two medications were far less pleasant and comforting compared to the scent of the Apothecary Stomach Pill. At this time, Dorothy who was standing aside also smelled the scent of the stomach powder and she asked nervously, “Quinn, the scent of this medication is simply too strong. Do you think that they added any artificial flavors in it?” Quinn gave her a blank look on her face before she said, “Don’t talk nonsense! This is obviously an authentic herbal scent. This proves that they used the best medicinal herbs and materials for their medicine.” As she spoke, Quinn raised her head before she poured the sachet of powder into her mo

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