Chapter 1343

After she was done with her photoshoot, Quinn told Yason, “Mr. Yandell, if there is nothing else, then I’ll be heading back first. I’m not feeling too well today.” Yason hurriedly asked with concern, “Miss Quinn, your stomach discomfort has not been completely healed yet, has it?” Quinn shook her head before she said, “I was filming in the United States some time ago. I’m not used to the food and drinks there. In addition, since I was filming for long hours, I think I had hurt my stomach during that period of time. Therefore, I am planning to be recuperating at home during this period of time. You don’t have to arrange any work or activities for me for the next month.” Yason naturally did not dare to disobey her and he hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Miss Quinn. You can take the whole month off to rest at home. I’ll definitely go to your house and apologize to your father some other day. When you were filming in the United States, I should have arranged for a couple of chefs to look a

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