Chapter 1338

Jiro did not give up. Instead, he continued asking, “Then, why don’t you give it some thoughts now? What kind of man would be able to meet your criteria and standards?” Nanako thought carefully before she said, “First of all, the main criterion is that he would have to be better than me!” “Better than you? In what sense? In his career? Education? Or his achievements?” Nanako replied seriously, “He would have to be better and stronger than me in terms of his combat and fighting skills! I do not want to find a man who would not be able to defeat me in the future.” Jiro coughed awkwardly as he thought to himself, ‘Although Nanako looks like a quiet person, she’s actually a rather competitive person.’ It would be fine if she enjoyed combat and fighting and wanted to pursue combat and fighting on her own. However, why would she have to look for a man who is stronger and more capable compared to her when it came to love? After all, he was a physically weak person who lacked strength. W

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