Chapter 1339

Aurora smiled shyly before she said obediently, “I got it, Dad. I’ll accompany Master Wade and drink a little with him then.” Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Aurora, I will have to help you absorb the power of the magical pills after dinner. So, it isn’t very good for you to be drinking now. If you really want to drink with me, then you can just wait to drink with me after you win the championship.” Aurora bit her lower lip and she was felt very unconfident as she said, “Master Wade, to be honest, if I were to compete against Ito Nanako, I am not even 20% confident that I will be able to win…after all, Ito Nanako is really very strong and powerful. She has no rivals at all among those who are of the same age as her.” Charlie smiled before he asked, “Is Ito Nanako really that amazing?” Aurora said, “Ito Nanako had started practicing combat and fighting since she was five years old. Moreover, she had always been training under the top combat and fighting master from Japan.

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