Chapter 1337

Nanako did not expect to hear that Jiro’s brother had actually died in Aurous Hill. She felt a little embarrassed and thus, hurriedly said, “Sorry, Mr. Kobayashi. I had accidentally mentioned and reminded you of your painful memory.” Jiro hurriedly waved his hand before he said seriously, “It doesn’t matter. Although this is a very depressing matter, Miss Ito, you are not an outsider to me after all. I can also relieve some of my sadness and grievances by telling you about it too…” In fact, Jiro was not sad at all when he thought about his brother, Ichiro. On the contrary, he was actually very happy. The idea of the eldest son inheriting the family business had always been deeply ingrained in the mind of the Japanese. No matter how big or powerful a family was, the eldest son would always inherit the family business eventually. Even if the eldest son’s ability was not as good as the second son or the other sons’, he would still end up as the head of the family and his more capable

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