Chapter 1336

After that, Jiro sighed again with deep annoyance as he said regretfully, “I’ve just arrived at Aurous Hill this morning. I came here directly immediately after completing the immigration procedures. I did not make it in time to go to the stadium to watch your match today, Miss Ito. I heard that you defeated your opponent in just one round today. I feel really regretful that I was not able to watch the match!” Nanako replied, “Mr. Kobayashi, you’re too kind.” “From now on, I’ll definitely be there to cheer for you in every single one of your matches, Miss Ito!” “To be honest, my Kobayashi Pharma sponsored this combat and fighting championship. When the time comes, I will be presenting the trophies to the winners of the championship. I can’t wait and I am already looking forward to the finals, where I will be presenting the champion’s trophy to you, Miss Ito!” Nanako replied humbly, “Mr. Kobayashi, before the competition is over, no one knows for certain who will win the championshi

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