Chapter 131

A crisp snap resonated! Sharon’s spine also broke! Another one! Both husband and wife were quadriplegics! There would never be a chance of recovery! Isaac walked forward and said respectfully, “Boss, the three hundred excavators and bulldozers I’ve mobilized have arrived. We will flatten the entire Elite Vault Enterprise to the ground with just one order from you!” “Good!” Charlie nodded and said coldly, “Notify all the workers to evacuate this place in ten minutes! Ten minutes later, bring this place to the ground like it never existed!” Both Daniel and Sharon gaped in extreme shock. All the hard work that they’ve been fighting and building, and this was how it ended? They were done, for sure. They could only be a living dead. If they didn’t have any money, who would take care of them? Charlie couldn’t care less. He asked his man to turn on the fire alarm, and immediately, the entire factory began to evacuate. Charlie carried Claire who was in deep slumber, and asked his m

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