Chapter 132

Charlie slowly put Claire on the bed and carefully extracted the Reiki from her body. Immediately afterward, Claire slowly opened her eyes, waking up. “Dear!” As soon as Claire lay eyes on Charlie after opening her eyes, she got up quickly and hugged him excitedly. Then, she started to cry. Charlie hurriedly comforted her, “It’s okay baby, don’t be afraid, we’re home now.” “We’re home?” Claire lifted her head and looked around. She was surprised that it was their room. She turned to glance at Charlie and asked curiously, “What did Daniel and his wife do to you?” “No, they didn’t do anything to me,” Charlie said calmly, “Both him and his wife have paralyzed, the entire Elite Vault was nothing but ruins and rubble now. As the old saying goes, he who is unjust is doomed to destruction, literally.” Claire was utterly shocked. “What? How come? What happened?” Charlie smiled faintly. “I asked a few friends to help and save you, then we found out that the entire office building and t

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