Chapter 130

The battleax caught her breath and blurted, “Listen carefully, idiot! My name is Sharon Frye! I’m the daughter of the Frye family in Lancaster! Have you heard of the Frye family? Our boss is the Wade family of Eastcliff! No matter how strong you think you are, if you mess with me, our Frye family will never spare you! The Wade family will hunt you!” “Oh?” Charlie grinned. “Listen carefully shrew, I AM the son of the Wade family in Eastcliff! I AM your boss! My name is! CHARLIE! WADE!!!” “Huh!!!” Sharon’s eyes were so wide, it almost fell off her eye sockets, her jaw dropped! She stared at Charlie like she was looking at a ghost. “You… you… you are the young master of the Wade family? How could it be! Why is the son of the Wade family in a small place like Aurous Hill!” Isaac marched forward and yelled, “Sharon Frye! Watch your tongue! He is Charlie Wade, the young master of the Wade family!” Sharon finally saw Isaac! Isaac Cameron! He… He was the spokesperson of the Wade fami

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