Chapter 1319

With Aurora’s victory, this feisty young lady had officially entered the quarter-finals of the International University Combat and Fighting Championship. This was Aurora’s best score and performance in the International University Combat and Fighting Championship. When the championship had been held in Canada last year, Aurora had also specially traveled all the way there to compete in the championship. However, at that time, she had failed to qualify for the groups, and her final overall ranking was 30th. This time, Aurora had already achieved an unprecedented breakthrough. After the referee announced her victory, Aurora shook hands with the Thai player. After that, the two girls hugged each other briefly. Very soon, Aurora turned around and ran toward Charlie in a hurry. As soon as she came to Charlie, she happily jumped up into his embrace. “Master Wade, thank you so much!” Aurora wrapped her arms around his neck and continued hugging him like a baby koala. She was extremely

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