Chapter 1318

At this time, he could not help but feel very regretful. Aurora was about to advance to the quarter-finals, but he had fallen out with her. This way, if she achieved better results in the match, it would not have anything to do with him anymore. At this time, Aurora changed her fighting style. She was no longer constantly defending herself and retreating, but she was now proactively launching a series of attacks on the opponent. Since the opponent’s right leg was injured, her performance was already greatly affected. Now that she was being chased and attacked by Aurora, every step she took would cause piercing pain in her right leg. Moreover, her right leg had already become a burden and could no longer keep up with the rest of her body now. This not only made it very difficult for her to defend herself and dodge Aurora’s attacks, but it was also very difficult for her to counter-attack. Aurora’s series of attacks hit her opponent’s body continuously. The Thai player who had b

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